Early Influences... 

I bought a Fender 6 string Acoustic, with the Strat style neck, which I still use, a 15 watt Fender practice amp, and then I was well into the songs of the Eagles, learning them, singing them, also bands like Poco, the Allman Brothers, brought to my attention by my long time friend Billy. 

My first real band was a Country Band called Country Crazy.

I now have my pride and joy in guitars, a Takamine acoustic, a Tobacco finish, and a beautiful sound. 

I have still got most of the gear and can’t get myself to clear it.  


1999 Fender Telecaster Tobacco finish. 

Fender Acoustic (Strat Style Neck) around middle 90s with Fishman electrics  

Gibson Epiphone 12 string acoustic with Dean Markley pick up. 

Takamine Electro / Acoustic Tobacco Finish G Series. 

Marshall Valvstate VS65R. 

Peavey Special 212 Twin 200 watt Amp. 

Full set of Lee Oskar Blues harps, very tasty. 

Semi Acoustic Mandolin, Ozark make. 

Fender Squire Stratocaster 1990.




Unlike most drummers who start playing in their early years, I was nearly 48 before I started to learn. After attending a local Buskers night for some time, I persuaded my friend Mick Simpson (drummer with Media Junkies) to give me a few basic lessons, hoping that I might be able to join in at the buskers night in the future.

Some 4 months later, I made my debut at the Burton House Buskers in Burnopfield, playing a blues jam for the last song of the night. In the meantime, I bought a drum kit for practise from an advert in a local shop. A Premier Vintage kit, for the princely sum of £30, “the bargain of the century”

Since then I have played in a number of busking bands, Nervous Antz, then backing Tony Barrass, a local buskers regular, who was a great influence, helping me learn styles & songs by many different artists, when to play loud & when to keep quiet. I played with both bands some 2 years later, at my 50th birthday bash, my first real gig.

Jump forward to 2014 & “The Pact” was born, with Tony Barrass, Peter (bass) & Aynsley from Big River on guitar, (a friend/drinking partner for many years). The Pact continued to perform at the Buskers & played a couple of local gigs, but came to an end mid 2016 when Peter left. 

November 2016 & a request from Big River, who I knew from attending many gigs over the years. Do you fancy playing a gig on New Years Day ? The band had been off the road since Billy retired from the band in the summer, but had been asked to do a gig on New Year's Day.   



I have played lead guitar for a number of bands over the years, cant remember how long and I originate from Rowlands Gill, a place near Gateshead.

At the moment apart from my main band Big River, I have a side project playing with Tramp Juice now and again. I love the country rock thing and doing the Neil Young songs.



I play with a mixture of Strats, Les Pauls, Telecasters and have a nice Nash Strat. All played through either Fender Mustang, Orange Combos or Mashall Valvestate Amps through a mix of effects pedals, wherever the mood takes me...



Started playing bass age 11. Started roadying for local bands aged 17. I joined The Chris Cool band as road crew/lighting man aged 20 with Keith Satchfield on guitar and Stue Burlingson on bass. I kept on playing but not in bands with work commitments though. I joined club band French Curves in 1983 as lighting road crew and stayed with them for 10 years until they split in 1992. Then I joined screaming DTs in 1996 and left in 2001. Since then i have been involved with buskers clubs since about 2002. I then joined a band called Trakk who had a female singer and worked with them for about two years. We did promo cds in studio but not much joy there though.  


Behringer 400w Bass head with Mark 4 x 10  Cabinet

Black Fender Jazz Bass

Aria 5 string Bass

Tanglewood Electro Acoustic and my lastest addition is an Epiphone Thunderbird
(motley crew nikki sixx blackbird) and the odd wig and stuff


I originally came from an old school Classic Rock and R'n'B background influenced by the likes of SRV, Mike Morgan, Ronnie Earl and BB King. Disillusioned with the R'n'B scene, I turned to playing 'Pub Rock' for a number of years. That didn't do it for me either.

I have been playing guitar since my early twenties but only seriously for the last 15 years or so. I also led a very successful Bob Dylan Tribute band for a number years. It was after the Dylan thing that I decided to give up playing electric guitar and turned to playing purely acoustic music. (I think I was kidding myself and getting rid of my electric guitars and amps was a big mistake but - hey ho). I still do my Dylan Acoustic gigs now and then.

Joining Big River has been a great experience and learning the sets has been a very rewarding experience. I have always loved the kind of music Big River play and look forward to playing in the band, be it rhythm or the occasional lead part and some acoustic guitar when needed. 



Gibson Les Paul 60's Tribute  

Fender 1996 USA Standard Strat 

Peavey Classic 30 Tweed USA Valve Combo and Extension Cab 

Takamine New Yorker Acoustic Guitar

Various Effects Pedals 










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