Prostate Cancer UK

My Story with Prostate Cancer


I am writing this to make all men aware of the horrible disease, Prostate Cancer which two years ago I was diagnosed with, for some time before maybe a couple of years I had trouble with pain and the odd specks of blood in my water, also I was dribbling for no reason, sex was very painful too ,and when I did go toilet the pain was very severe, and stinging,   the pain coming from below was really an ache and very uncomfortable, I went to see my GP who checked my Prostate saying it was enlarged slightly, also he took PSA blood tests ,and after a few days decided that I was suffering with Prostatitis, and gave me anti biotics, which cleared up the dribbling ,but the pain still kept me from being  free do a lot of the things I had been used to doing.


A year later it all started to surface again, this time my GP said that we should do more tests , I was then sent to a see a specialist at Sunderland Royal, where Biopsies were taken from my Prostate very painful I may add, a few weeks later I was down to see the specialist again for my results ,in which I was told I had some cancer cells in my prostate ,but not enough to have anything done at the this moment in time, they would put me on a watch and wait programme where had to have bloods taken every three months to keep an eye on things, but I knew there was still something wrong as I was still getting pain .Before Christmas 2017 I started to see a little blood in my urine again ,but never said so to anyone as I was in a state of shock seeing this ,it wasn’t all of the time, but it was there I knew that, I went on doing my blood’s ,knowing that something was happening ,an appointment was made for me to have more biopsies ,in the new year, so the end of February, I was sent for these biopsies which again very painful and this time very very painful ,I bled more from both ends this time,. I was sent for more tests involving scans ,and a very much surprised bone scan, this sent a fear in me that something was really wrong this time. After a week or so I was sent for and spoke to the specialist ,who informed me that it was now severe and needed treated ,asap, I was given three choices ,Radiotherapy, which consisted of going to the Freeman Hospital every day for treatment, the next one was total removal of the prostate ,and the third was a process where they froze the cells to kill them off. I had to make the decision, and go back in a week to let them know what I had decided, I spoke to my family  gave them the three options ,and everyone I spoke to said that I should have it removed , I to had come to that decision. In the next week I was taken into the hospital for the removal of my Prostate, the process of total removal was key hole surgery using the robotic system,

After going under the knife and a stay in hospital I was allowed to go home the next day, I was in a lot of pain from the operation, my stomach where they went through to do the removal was cut in 5 places and staples added, at home I wasn’t allowed to do anything, lift anything ,drive for 6 weeks, just rest ,which I did ,taking just paracetamol, and other painkillers I was healing good, and after 2 weeks had the staples removed ,a very tidy job had been done but after the operation like most ops there are side effects, I was left with incontinence which is now getting a whole lot better and will be totally free I hope in about 6 months .

Its 12 weeks since my operation to remove my Prostate ,and I feel great ,I take my time in doing things and don’t lift anything too heavy ,so I have had a great result, I urge everyman over 50 years of age to get checked out with blood test is only a blood test but it could save your life and keep an eye on things   

Alan Thompson

As I write this I am thinking about running a Prostate Cancer awareness fund raising day featuring well known or up and coming bands ,solo artists,  from the north, and maybe a disco. Watch out for details, and if anyone out there would consider devoting there time in this great cause , message our Facebook  dedicated page .

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