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Gig at the Bay Horse 19th October 2018 has been CANCELLED as they have double booked us with another band, even though the gig was confirmed last year.

Sorry for any inconvenience it has caused for our fans looking forward to seeing us .




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Hi good people and musicians from the North East.

A big thank you goes out to everyone who attended this great event. To everyone who donated either financially, raffle prizes or helping out with the event on the day. The list of donators is exhaustive but these are the volunteers and performers who helped out on the day and provided the free entertainment...

They are

Lee Symmons
Dan Symmington
Peter Jameson
The Kingtones Trio
Dirt Monkey
Lucy Upton
Les Connelly
Russ Tippins
Big River

Rebecca Bell
Rachael Bell
Debbie Bell
Ken Bell
Cindy Hutchinson

Simon at Cassidy Guitars for the on-line guitar giveaway

O'Briens Funfairs for providing the Bouncy Castle for the kids…

A great big thank you also goes out to Manny and Clare for providing a fantastic venue and all of their bar/catering staff.

Thank you once again for making this a successful day. You are all fantastic. 



 You can read Alan's story on the News Page



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Established   For 10 Years

Alan and Billy formed big River midway through 2008. Aynsley was recruited to give the band another strong vocal and additional Harmony Lead Guitar sound. Alan used to be with Country Crazy before forming Big River with Billy, Billy played with Reload.a for two years, and also with Wishblowin Ash. Aynsley (a.k.a `Young Neil Young) plays with. Tramp Juice every so often, but is a solid and valuable member of Big River , Kenny, who has been around for a while mainly playing bass with the Screaming DTs  ,All the band members have gained extensive musical experience playing a variety of styles of music in bands throughout the UK both in live and recording environments. The agreed ethos was to create a vocally strong band with exceptional harmonies playing songs that are not usually covered by local bands. After 9 years as an outfit,Big River have a growing number of enthusiastic followers and the band look forward to increasing their appeal during 2016



    Hear "Big River" Live at the Queen Vic (Formally the Office) click th link below.

" Big River " . We now have Released the long awaited CD.... 

 "Live At The Usworth Club ,Washington"

Ask us for details when you come to see us at our gigs. 

Checkout the Live Music we have recorded,more to follow..Links below


For further info or to book Big River..

Contact: Alan on 07505234143




















































Prostate Cancer UK

My Story with Prostate Cancer


I am writing this to make all men aware of the horrible disease, Prostate Cancer which two years ago I was diagnosed with, for some time before maybe a couple of years I had trouble with pain and the odd specks of blood in my water, also I was dribbling for no reason, sex was very painful too ,and when I did go toilet the pain was very severe, and stinging,   the pain coming from below was really an ache and very uncomfortable, I went to see my GP who checked my Prostate saying it was enlarged slightly, also he took PSA blood tests ,and after a few days decided that I was suffering with Prostatitis, and gave me anti biotics, which cleared up the dribbling ,but the pain still kept me from being  free do a lot of the things I had been used to doing.


A year later it all started to surface again, this time my GP said that we should do more tests , I was then sent to a see a specialist at Sunderland Royal, where Biopsies were taken from my Prostate very painful I may add, a few weeks later I was down to see the specialist again for my results ,in which I was told I had some cancer cells in my prostate ,but not enough to have anything done at the this moment in time, they would put me on a watch and wait programme where had to have bloods taken every three months to keep an eye on things, but I knew there was still something wrong as I was still getting pain .Before Christmas 2017 I started to see a little blood in my urine again ,but never said so to anyone as I was in a state of shock seeing this ,it wasn’t all of the time, but it was there I knew that, I went on doing my blood’s ,knowing that something was happening ,an appointment was made for me to have more biopsies ,in the new year, so the end of February, I was sent for these biopsies which again very painful and this time very very painful ,I bled more from both ends this time,. I was sent for more tests involving scans ,and a very much surprised bone scan, this sent a fear in me that something was really wrong this time. After a week or so I was sent for and spoke to the specialist ,who informed me that it was now severe and needed treated ,asap, I was given three choices ,Radiotherapy, which consisted of going to the Freeman Hospital every day for treatment, the next one was total removal of the prostate ,and the third was a process where they froze the cells to kill them off. I had to make the decision, and go back in a week to let them know what I had decided, I spoke to my family  gave them the three options ,and everyone I spoke to said that I should have it removed , I to had come to that decision. In the next week I was taken into the hospital for the removal of my Prostate, the process of total removal was key hole surgery using the robotic system,

After going under the knife and a stay in hospital I was allowed to go home the next day, I was in a lot of pain from the operation, my stomach where they went through to do the removal was cut in 5 places and staples added, at home I wasn’t allowed to do anything, lift anything ,drive for 6 weeks, just rest ,which I did ,taking just paracetamol, and other painkillers I was healing good, and after 2 weeks had the staples removed ,a very tidy job had been done but after the operation like most ops there are side effects, I was left with incontinence which is now getting a whole lot better and will be totally free I hope in about 6 months .

Its 12 weeks since my operation to remove my Prostate ,and I feel great ,I take my time in doing things and don’t lift anything too heavy ,so I have had a great result, I urge everyman over 50 years of age to get checked out with blood test is only a blood test but it could save your life and keep an eye on things   

Alan Thompson

As I write this I am thinking about running a Prostate Cancer awareness fund raising day featuring well known or up and coming bands ,solo artists,  from the north, and maybe a disco. Watch out for details, and if anyone out there would consider devoting there time in this great cause , message our Facebook  dedicated page .

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